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by Diane Samuels

The Nazis seizing power in the 1930s was the start of a huge escalation in anti-semitic activity in Germany. After Kristallnacht the Movement for the Care of Children from Germany was formed and before the outbreak of war just nine months later, over 10,000 unaccompanied children were rescued on the Kindertransport trains.

This play is set in the early 1980s in an attic. Everything that occurs in the play takes place inside the attic as a mother (Evelyn) and her daughter (Faith) sort though some of the things stored there. The story of one of those ‘Kinder’, a girl named Eva slowly unfolds.

Central to the play are the relationships between three mothers and their daughters; the relationship between the kindertransport child (Eva) and her mother in Germany (Helga), the relationship between Evelyn and her daughter Faith, and the relationship between the Eva and her English adoptive mother, Lil.

Our 2016/17 Season

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Director: Annalise Carter-Brown
23 September — 1 October 2016


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18— 26 November 2016

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20 — 28 January 2017

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10 — 18 March 2017

The Business of Murder

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Director: Adam Croft
5 — 13 May 2017

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Director: Malcolm Farrar
7 — 15 July 2017