The Little Theatre, Dunstable Rep

Happy Jack

by John Godber

A critical and popular success in the West End, this psychological thriller about revenge centres on the interlocking triangular relationship between Dee, a successful television playwright; Hallett, a detective superintendent; and Stone, a humourless, prissy man.

Dee arrives at Stone's flat, having accepted an invitation to discuss a script by Stone's wife. She is rather surprised when Hallett, with whom she is having an affair, also arrives, apparently to investigate a matter concerning Stone's son and his involvement with a drug ring.

But where are wife and son? After many twists and turns, Stone's intentions become clear as he slowly reveals the precise nature of the trio's relationship: all three are very much concerned with the business of murder...


A man somewhere between his early forties and early sixties. A nondescript man, described by the playwright as ‘humourless, rather prissy’. Seemingly shy and negative in his outlook to life.

A man in his early forties, considered good looking for his age. A sense that he perhaps drinks a little too much on occasion. Comes across as very casual and almost the stereotypically 1980s police detective with a short fuse, but with an undercurrent of something very different indeed...

Seemingly confident and self-assured, Dee is in her late twenties and is very attractive. Although she’s capable and bright, there is a definite underlying nervous edge about her.

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